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Axon microserver

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AXON microserver basic configuration

After installation you have to configure your AXON microserver.

1. Change path to your music directory. In /{your path to axon}/synapses/aural/music player/player/ find the line music_dir="{path to your music directory}" and change it to the correct path

2. Upload music and re-scan your music directory to build a playlist

cd "/{your path to axon}/synapses/aural/music player/player/"
./ reset

You can also try other functions just for a test. Run it without options and see a list of available functions. Read more in /synapses/aural/music player/player/README

3. Add your radio stations script is able to get radio station tags automatically.

cd "/{your path to axon}/synapses/aural/streaming radio/radio/"
./ new <direct or .pls URL>

Otherwise you can name it by yourself. ./ new <direct or .pls URL> [Radiostation Name] It's helpful if the broadcaster doesn't provide a standard http specification and the name isn't resolved from .pls file. Read more in /synapses/aural/streaming radio/radio/README.

4. Enjoy.

If you downloaded a correct version of the AXON microserver (Debian or OpenWRT), all devices are already selected properly. If you caught an error (by running a synapse in the browser), try to check it out and change it, if necessary, in the corresponding synaptic microengine (synapse.lua).

Page last modified on July 07, 2012, at 06:46 AM